Friday, May 28, 2010

City trip to Bruges or Brussels?

Bruges or Brussels? That is the question for every tourist who wants to visit Belgium. Well lets make the answer short and Simple: Bruges. Geniet straks van een heerlijk romantisch weekendje Brugge, surf naar voor een uitgebreide reisgids Brugge!

The Reason Why?

History in Bruges is far more present than in Brussels. Furthermore the charming feelings what Bruges is all about are incomparable with any other city. Also the entire innercity of Bruges is a 30km/hour zone which means that pedestrians have priority anywhere in the city. This is a major advantage when visiting a city by foot. The amount of medieval museas to vist greatly outnumbers Brussels. And in the evening, dining in Bruges has much more "cachet" than dining in Brussels. One must truely visit this city before one will understand what i mean with charm and peace. Bruges is an absolute "must stay" when you are in Belgium.
Brussels is the european capital. Of course it is worth to visit, but staying their too long will be noticeable in your sentiment. Rush hours, busy streets, nowhere calm,... One must visit the city and than leave for Bruges. There is one important advantage that Brussels has over Bruges and that is the price of the hotels in Brussels, they are a lot cheaper than hotels in Bruges. This would be the major reason why staying in Brussels over Bruges. But if money is not the major issue, i would stay in Bruges and visit Brussels from there.

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