Saturday, September 20, 2008


Bruges, Hanze city and venice of the north. Many will consider this beautiful city as one of the finest of the world.

But what is so special about this city?

We tried to come up with a few answers. Bruges or Brugge as it is in dutch means Bridge. And that is what Bruges is all about. Bruges was during the middle ages one of the most important cities of the world due to its connection with the sea. Nowadays we still see that this city is mediaval in its roots and in its heart. The Unesco placed the entire inner city of Bruges on its list of world heritage. And that is certainly most correct.
Bruges is a warm charming city which is particularly beautiful during wintertime. It will give you a visit back into time like you never experienced before. It is quiet and most peacefull. Bruges has one of the best preserved building of the middle ages in the world.
Those are the most important characteristics of Bruges.

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