Saturday, September 20, 2008


Brussels, the European Capital. This city has a name that rings as a bell. Since the European Parliament took Brussels as its home, this city expanded enourmously. The variaty of people living in this city is comparable with any other great western capital.

Why should we visit Brussels than?
Brussels is just as Bruges a city who has firm roots in the middle ages although Bruges has been bigger during these ages. It is a big city where each tourist can find exactly what he is looking for. Musea, history, art, ... The most important parts of Brussels are of course the Main Market Square, the world rekwown "Manneken Pis". The Atomium ( world's expo of 58 ) . Palace of the Royal Family,...
Brussels is a multicultural metropole offering a variaty of activities and sightseeings. This city still breaths history but the modern impact is clear and always present.

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